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 Comprehensive eye examination
Refraction¸ Visual acuity¸ Visual Field Screening¸ Intraocular pressure¸ Internal and External health evaluation¸ Dilation¸ Prescriptions for all lifestyles including computer¸ sports¸ occupational.

 Contact lens fittings
Disposable contact lenses¸ Soft contacts¸ Toric lenses for astigmatism¸ Rigid gas permeables¸ Bifocal contacts¸ Monovision¸ Cosmetic tinted lenses¸ keratoconus.

 Specialty Contact lens fittings

 Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT)
Improve your vision overnight with an affordable LASIK alternative! These lenses safely reshape the cornea while sleeping - eliminating the need for glasses or contacts during waking hours. Safe for most ages from pre-teen to adults. Completely reversable¸ safe¸ and much less expensive than LASIK.

 Therapeutic treatment
Detection¸ diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of eye disorders¸ including cataracts¸ macular degeneration¸ glaucoma¸ diabetic retinopathy and dry eyes. Referrals and co-management with ophthalmologist when needed.

 Lasik Co-management
Evaluation of Lasik candidacy. Co-manage with a Lasik specialist¸ and provide post operative care.

 Emergency services
Infections¸ corneal abrasions¸ sudden loss of vision¸ sudden onset of flashes and/or floaters¸ foreign body removal. Referrals and co-management with ophthalmologist when needed.

 Optical Dispensary
We provide a large selection of quality designer frames¸ sunglasses¸ magnetic clip-ons¸ sports goggles¸ and safety glasses.

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